Surgical Removal of Moles, Cysts, Lipomas, Skin Tags

Service Overview

Green Kite Healthcare provides a high quality private service for the removal of various inconvenient and unsightly skin lesions, including moles, cysts, lipomas and skin tags that are not covered by the NHS.

The service comprises a 'one-stop' appointment that includes an initial consultation which can then be followed by a simple surgical procedure, using local anaesthetic. The appointment will last for up to 30 minutes and can include multiple lesion removals subject to their type, size and location.

The vast majority of procedures that we perform do not require stitches, although cyst removals typically do. As a result it is usually only possible to remove one cyst within an appointment.

Types of Lesion

This service can treat the following types of skin lesion:

  • Moles
  • Cysts
  • Skin Tags
  • Lipomas
  • Keratosis

As a general rule we can treat skin lesions that are up to 1.5cm diameter on the face and up to 5cm diameter elsewhere on the body, although this does depend upon exact location and complexity/proximity to sensitive areas.

Clinic Locations

The service in Bath is delivered from Oldfield Surgery, 45 Upper Oldfield Park, Bath, BA2 3HT. The clinic has easy parking and offers a range of appointment times.

The Doctors

The doctors are all General Medical Council (GMC) registered GPs who arebased in Bath and have extensive experience in this field.

The team currently includes:

Dr Tim Johnson


M.B., Ch.B, M.R.C.G.P, Diploma Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Qualified Birmingham 1990.

Tim worked in London whilst training as a GP, before joining Oldfield Surgery as a partner in 2000. He has a number of special interests including minor skin surgery.

Dr Patrick Eavis

M.B.B.S. (Lond), M.R.C.G.P., Diploma Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Diploma Faculty of Family Planning. Qualified London 1994.

Patrick joined Oldfield Surgery in 1998 and worked concurrently for fifteen years in Oncology at the RUH (with a particular interest in Breast Cancer). Patrick is a Clinical Champion for the National Institute for Health, and Research Lead for Clinical Trials in the practice as well as having interests in Dermatology and minor operations.


Although it is unlikely that your lesion will represent a danger to your health, the service also provides for microscopic examination (histology) of certain lesions for reassurance.

The Cost

The fee for this service is a total of £335 and covers both the initial consultation (£100) and any surgical procedure (£235). This fee is the same irrespective of how many lesions are removed within the appointment.

The above fees are all-inclusive with no additional charges for histology and are effective for bookings made as from 1 April 2018.

Booking an Appointment

If you would like to book an appointment or to get further information regarding the service please call our Minor Skin-Surgery Team on 0333 332 1491 (normal national rate) or email us at

Read our FAQs.


Patient Feedback

"Extremely Happy, Excellent Service"

"This is a great service - really well organised and the doctor and nurse were friendly but professional. No pain, no stitches and healing well. Thank you!"

"So much easier going to a local clinic where you can actually park; and far less threatening than going to a hospital."

" Everything in one appointment works well - I was in and out in 30 minutes and went straight back to work."

"I’ve visited before and had a couple of moles removed. I was so impressed with the service that I wondered if I could book another appointment"